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Danny Moorwood

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Danny Moorwood

Danny has been working on an effect for a number of years that is still of current interest to him, which is his most recogniseable high lustre glazes. The possibilities for surface texture and colour through the process of multi firing he claims is vast. Good form is paramount to him along with simple but effective decoration. Other styles of work are of interest to him and he is always pleased to hear from other international artists in ceramics and porcelain who may want to exchange ideas and techniques.

Danny claims to have been “making pots” since the mid 70's. He returned to Auckland after spending 5 years in the U.K. as well as some time in Sydney. It was on this overseas experience that he discovered the concept of “Handmade”, which was in full swing in Australia and soon his homeland of New Zealand would follow a similar trend.

Danny moved to rural Otago in 1978 where he worked until 1988 when he shifted his studio to Dunedin, which is now located in his home in Opoho. Between those times Danny also spent a year at The Meat Market Arts Centre. This was an outstanding asset to the Melbourne craft scene at the time where studio spaces for glass blowers, potters, metal smiths, textile artists and included an exhibition gallery, a retail outlet and a cafe /bar. This opportunity unfortunately no longer operates.

Danny has been a participant in over 150 invitational and solo exhibitions including :

  • Fletcher Challenge Awards, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • The Bowl, An Australian Survey, Melbourne, Australia.
  • New Zealand Crafts Biennale. Auckland, New Zealand
  • New Zealand Craft, Vancouver Expo, Canada.
  • Australian National Art Awards, Queensland, Australia.