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  • Trevor Askin
    Trevor has a unique style which he has called 'curvilinear' as his works are flowing with curves - n..
  • Gary Bassett
    Gary Bassett’s current body of work are ‘the sheep mug shots’. They are clearly in..
  • Philip Beadle
    Philip is a self taught artist who had his nforst solo exhibition in 1998. He works in oil, watercol..
  • Graham Brinsley
    Graham Brinsley is a well-known artist in Central Otago and throughout New Zealand.  Graham was..
  • Ivan Clarke
    Ivan Clarke is a well-known artist living in the beautiful Southern Lakes region of New Zealand . Iv..
  • Raquel Clarke
    Born 1989 in Auckland, New Zealand.  "I am very blessed to have been born into a family with a ..
  • John Crump
    John Crump’s painting journey began in the 60s. Well-known as a “NZ impressionist”..
  • Ron van der Vlugt
    Ron has had a life-time fascination with the movement of colour and light which has motivated h..
  • Esther Dexter
    Esther Dexter is becoming a well-known artist in Central Otago, New Zealand . Inspired by Van Gogh ,..
  • Peter Dozzi
    Peter is a master in his unique style of creative laser engraving . In his late teens Peter was whis..
  • Melanie Eade
    Melanie Eade was born and raised in Wellington, New Zealand. She has attended courses in graphic des..
  • Annemieke Farmilo
    Annemieke Farmilo was born in Holland in 1949 and came to live in New Zealand with her family when s..
  • Mary Ferguson
    When she was eight Mary dived into a snow-fed mountain river in the Southern Alps of New Zealand on ..
  • John Gillies
    John  was born in 1945. A Cantabrian by birth,  John  pursued a career in medicine, b..
  • Hoglund Glass Art
    Ola Hoglund and Marie Simberg-Hoglund have worked together as a team for more than four decades to c..
  • Ben Ho
    Ben Ho  was born in Canton, China in 1962, and immigrated to  New Zealand  in 1988. I..
  • Merrilyn Jaquiery
    Merrilyn Jaquiery , infuses a rare beauty into her art and her use of colour is not only sensitive b..
  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones is an artist in wood. Whether creating a sculpture, cabinet or table, he infuses each of..
  • Jane Kellahan
    Jane Kellahan is an internationally exhibited and award winning artist with 20 years experience. In ..
  • Ki Hyun Kim
    Ki Hyun Kim Ki Hyun Kim was born in Seoul, Korea in 1952. His love for art began with drawing pictur..
  • Sheena Helen Lassen
    Born in 1955 and educated in Christchurch Sheena lived in Palmerston North for ten years, then near ..
  • P.G.Rob a.k.a. Robyn MacIntosh-Handtschoewercker
    P.G.Rob (Robyn MacIntosh-Handtschoewercker) is a Wanaka artist and art teacher.She works in both wat..
  • Mary Mai
    Born in Guangzhou China in 1964, Mary developed a desire for fine art as a child. From age of 14, sh..
  • Timon Maxey
    Timon Maxey graduated from  Auckland Technical Institute  with a  Certificate in Prod..
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