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  • The Tree, Wanaka


    A lithograph is created by the artist on wood or vinyl or another medium upon which an ink can then be applied and then usually paper as a chosen medium is then pressed and a reverse image is then created on the paper. Some artists then apply a dry point brush to enhance the image created.

  • Autumn Reflections


    What is a "Giclee?"

    "Giclee" pronounced, "zhee-clay", is a well known French word in the fine-Art world; describing the advanced technology "to Spray pigment" resulting in the highest quality reproductions of Fine-Art available in the world. Giclees have great superiority in beauty, quality and durability. Limited edition giclee artworks are created by first capturing the original painting as a high resolution digital image. It is then printed using light-fast pigments on museum quality, fine-art canvas with advanced ink-jet technology. The artwork is then hand-signed and numbe...

  • Stirling Falls


    What is a Masterwork?

    Ivan Clarke's Masterworks (sometimes referred to as A/P's) are limited edition Giclees on canvas that have been, hand re-touched and textured by replicating each original brush-stroke. Traditionally they are hand re-worked with paints by the artist and his apprentice. This highlights and accentuates the painting in certain areas; to match the original painting. It is then finished with heavy bodied impasto medium which also gives the painting a final protective coating and the texture of an original oil painting. They are hand-finished by Ivan Clarke;...

  • No photo

    Artist's Proof

    What is an Artist's Proof?

    An Artist's Proof is the terminology that Ivan Clarke uses to describe his Lonely Dog Collection Masterworks. He usually sets aside 35 per painting in his Lonely Dog Collection.

    As you may be aware, he has chosen at this stage, not to sell the original paintings of this Lonely Dog Collection, so an Artist's Proof is the only way you can purchase an image that is similar, and as close to the original as possible- hand re-touched and textured by replicating each original brush-stroke onto a g...

  • The Beautiful Gifting of Art


  • Lost in the Moment


    Other types of Art available from Wanaka Fine Art Gallery, mixed media, pastels etc.

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